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Kay's Korner - Newsletter

Are you ready for the coming season?
The Dixie Grand will be here soon!

January 15−21—Dixie Grand
February 12−18—Spring Grand
March 12−18—Southern Grand
March 28−April 1—Fla. State
May 23−28—Great Lakes Grand

Remember, I have a class before each of these shoots, but they fill fast.

Shooting at the Dixie Grand is a great way to start the year—not as big as the Southern Grand, and it gives you a shoot in January to get your mind and body in shape for the bigger shoots beginning in February.

It’s time for your gun’s spring check-up. Get it ready now, and make any changes you need—barrel, choke, stocks, trigger (pull/release).
Usually RV spots at Silver Dollar are available for Dixie Grand.
If you would like to rent a single-wide home at Silver Dollar (golf side) during January, February, or March (not available during the Dixie Grand, Southern Grand, or Florida State), I know someone who has one for rent. It’s $500 per week, or $75 per day. Contact me if you’re interested.

Remember, if you’re going to Spring Grand or Southern Grand, you must pre-squad if you want to shoot all the events.

If you would like to order shells and have them delivered to you at Silver Dollar, contact Ken’s Reloading in Michigan (email: or Frank Lanuzza in Ohio (phone: 614-332-0834).

I have a new K-80 top single trap special barrel for sale. Look in “Products” on my web site (

More to come next month!

Here’s a preview of just one of the topics I’ll be discussing in detail
in future newsletters and in the book I’m working on. More to come!

Some of the things we have to learn to be a good shot . . .

√ Guns—Be sure the guns you are using are the right ones for you.
Gun Fit
Comb Height—Usually too high for 98% of shooters.
Length—It’s too long for 98% of shooters.
Off-set: right- or left-hand—60% have no off-set.
Cast-off: right- or left-hand—85% have no cast-off.
Pitch—50% have no pitch.

High-Shooting Gun
Only a few shooters can handle a really high-shooting gun. One-eyed shooters don’t have a chance. It sounds good, but they are going the wrong way.
Custom Stock-maker
People in the business with the skill to make stocks.
Most shooters buy custom stocks on looks and not fit.
Those who know how to fit and shoot a shotgun.
When selecting a gun-fitter, you should ask:
How many All-Americans have you fitted?
What kind of tools do you have to fit shotguns?
Do you have tools to measure off-set and cast?
The gun-fitter should ask you or observe:
Does the gun kick you?
Can you line up the gun easily?
Is your head upright and level?

√ Flinching
If you shoot a lot, this is coming your way—80% is from recoil, and 20% is from not correctly seeing the target. Lots of padding in your vest may do the trick, A release trigger is the last stop.
A soft-touch stock might help some shooters, but most release-trigger shooters can’t shoot a soft-touch stock in doubles.
The biggest problem in flinching is that the shooter knows if he shoots faster, he doesn’t flinch. That’s okay, but the result is that he doesn’t break any good scores.

√ Shoot the Best Shells, and Use the Right Equipment
√ The Mind Game—Lots of people are making money on this one!
Do you go brain-dead on the last trap?
Do you lose focus and concentration?
Do you shoot better after you miss a target? Is the pressure off you to break 100?
Can you handle the pressure of winning money and championships?
Do the great shooters put too much pressure on you?

Kay 02/19/07

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