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Our greatest asset is one satisfied customer! We satisfy over and over again, see what others have said about Kay and his classes:

Kay: Just to let you know that one of your young shooters has hit his first and second 100 straight. Brandon Hatch (my grandson) shot his first 100 at the Michigan Spring Team Shoot and his second at the Great Lakes Grand (199/200) this past week. We took your classes last year at Howard Township Conservation Club in Niles Michigan. We will hit another of your classes soon as we can.

Greg Matthews

My son Scott Wagner took your class in May of this year and this is a record of what your class has done: Before your class: 2010 Ashland Gun Club Summer League Scotts average was 34.83 / 50 With some practice his average may have been as high as 40 / 50 He never hit a 25 straight and only ever came close once with a 24 / 25 Scott attended your class and two days later competed in the Keystone Open event #3 at the PSSA. This was a 200 target event. Scotts first 100 he scored a 92 in that set of 100 he ran his first 25 straight! In the next set of 100 he shoot a 97 (WOW!!) in that set he ran two 25 straights and almost hit his first 50 straight!!! He missed the 50th target to get 49 out of 50. March 22nd he competed in the Hegins Championship! he finished first in the junior division (there was no sub-junior div.) breaking 91 out of 100. At that same shoot he competed in the 20yd. handicap finishing first (no division) breaking 84 out of 100. Sadly he was only able to compete in the AIM shoot for the state shoot (day 1 only the first 100 targets). Scott was selected to shoot on the 1st team a junior team. The team finished 3rd in the state for the AIM program with first and second only breaking one more target then Scotts team. Scott finished Second in the Sub-junior class in the state hitting 94 out of 100 targets. I have been shooting trap since I was Scotts age (on and off) but never shot competitively. I have taught him everything I knew but that was not enough, your class has my son shooting as good if not better then me! His average went from an 80% to a stunning 93.33% that was all you! Thank You. If these results are typical then your classes are worth more then the price we paid!

Thanks Again, Craig Wagner Scott Wagner's Father

Hello Kay, Yesterday I broke my first 25, in a especially windy day. I have been consistently 22-23 range since my last lesson from you. Finally it happened and it feels good. Now, I am going after 50, hopefully very soon. My goal is 100 before the season ends. This is all thanks to you. If you remember last year, when I took your course for the first time, I didn't know which end of the gun to hold when I started. Unfortunately last year I had no time to practice anything. When I came back to you last month, it was basically a fresh start, I had forgotten everything. But after refreshing the basics, I have been practicing about 100-150 rounds per 3-4 times a week. Trying to keep all the information together and concentrating to build the muscle memory/reflex. Paying attention to gun hold, stance, eye movement, follow through - every bit you thought me. The schematic that you sent about the gun hold position over the trap house is also very helpful. I keep it in my bag at all times. I have suddenly developed a nasty new habit of lifting my head (not really lifting of the comb, but slightly shifting, enough to change the picture) and missing the easy straightaways, then I discovered that my thumb was in the way and I was trying to see beyond it. By concentrating and paying attention, I think I solved it, unless you think there is something else to do. I am signed up for your class in Michigan City. I am looking forward to seeing you again and I have tons of questions for you. Yesterday, after having a perfect score (others were doing 14-15, the next best was 19), everybody was asking; Are you some kind of professional champion or something, you look so good and shoot so well. I said no, just a beginner, trying to learn. Some said, you gotta be pulling our leg, there is no way you are a beginner, and only couple months old at that. You must be a quick learner, they said sarcastically. I replied, no you have to seek the grand master and learn from him (meaning you). Everybody has an opinion, the trick is to understand whose opinion/knowledge counts and whose doesn't (typically most of the rest). You can use my picture, story, whatever you like. If you need anything more, please let me know.

My very best wishes and regards. Kaz Aya

Kay: Just wanted to say thank you for a great weekend at St. Charles. As a relative newcomer to the sport, I appreciated all of the tips. I was in a class that had all levels of shooters, from those like myself who are just getting into the sport to accomplished trap shooters. In talking with the group after the clinic, all gained valuable experience from you. In addition to being a gifted shooter, you are a talented instructor, with a knack for providing helpful information and techniques without making the students feel "pressured to make the shot". Also you provided plenty of comedic relief to keep the mood of the group loose. Don't change a thing with your clinic. I look forward to taking it again when you are in the neighborhood. By the way...I got my first 25, and a 49/50 about 2 weeks after the clinic on a night with rain and winds of 20-25!

Thanks again, Todd D. Simmons,
MD Asst. Prof. Orthopaedic Surgery
Northwestern University Medical School




Hi Kay, I enjoyed taking your class at the Beaver Valley Gun Club a couple of months ago. As I have only been shooting less than a year, I learned so much from your class. Even just the basics of how to stand (wider), hold the gun (tighter), where and how to look, etc was so helpful to me. My performance improved immediately. Since taking your class, I won the HOA and HAA at the Keystone Open and the High Over All at the Buckeye Classic in C class.

Thank you again. Joe Zmuda

More to come next month!

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